Minecraft star Punz announces break from streaming due to mental health struggles

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YouTuber and Twitch streamer Punz announced that he’s taking a break from streaming, saying he needs a break for his mental health.YouTuber and Twitch streamer Punz announced that he’s taking a break from streaming, saying he needs a break for his mental health. Streaming can be a difficult and incredibly time-consuming job, and many content creators have taken time off citing their need for a break. We’ve seen streamers like Pokimane take time off streaming, influenced by factors like burnout and being overworked.

Other streamers like DisguisedToast have cited mental health as the reason for taking breaks from social media, saying “I’m addicted to that dopamine when people are talking to me. It’s really bad, I know.” It’s always a good thing to allow creators time to step away so that they can recalibrate. Now, one of the most popular Minecraft streamers on all of Twitch, Punz, has announced a break from streaming.

Punz, the YouTuber and streamer known for their Minecraft and Among Us content, has announced that they are taking an extended break from streaming, citing mental health concerns. In the tweet with the announcement they also offered an apology saying, “hey guys, I know this is kind of out of the blue but streams are going to be put on hold indefinitely for a mental health break. I’m sorry”

An outpouring of support came out from his fans and friends, telling him to feel better and take all the time that he needs. Punz has built a massive fanbase through his Minecraft videos, often in collaboration with the likes of the Dream Team, which is lead by star streamer Dream himself. He recently reached over 350k YouTube subscribers and sits at 1.2 million followers on Twitch, a testament to how much he’s grown his channels over the last year.

Team CoconutB won Twitch Rivals Rust Battle III as soon as Erobb was kicked from the team for breaking event rules around Twitch chats. Twitch Rivals and Rust seems to be where drama loves to get kicked up. From 2022’s iteration of Rust Battle ending early after spats about competitive integrity, to xQc accusing various other streamers of stream sniping in the most recent one.

Rust Battle III’s ending is no different. From xQc intentionally opening doors to alliances between teams falling. Team CoconutB would eventually take the win after a clutch base raid in the final hour of the event. However, right before winning, the team’s co-captain, Erobb, was kicked from the event.

Erobb was kicked from the event in the final hours due to not following one of the chat rules, which is to enable emote only chats. The reason it is enforced is to discourage stream sniping through viewers giving info about other teams. But because Erobb did not follow it, he was eventually kicked from the event. Erobb would eventually pivot from Rust to play Rocket League and Smash Bros, being forced to sit on the sidelines to watch his team win it all.

However, it seems viewers were more than happy to see Erobb’s boot from the event. Erobb’s final stats were eight kills and 52 deaths, with a K/D of 0.15. With multiple of the kills being teamkills. When he was kicked, they were at the bottom of the remaining teams. One user on the LSF subreddit claimed about the team’s win, “his team could finally play without the massive weight of him on their backs.”

He would go on to hop into the Team’s call after the win to congratulate them, only to be met with a barrage of insults for “abandoning the team” while they were at their lowest.Viewers claimed that Erobb may have turned off emote only chat to intentionally get kicked from the event, however we won’t know until Erobb himself confirms nor denies it.

Rust, Twitch Rivals, and drama seems to go hand-in-gand. The survival game has long been used as a game to bring together some of the internet’s biggest streamers, such as OfflineTV’s private server.However, it seems drama likes to breed from it. Such as in April 2022’s iteration of Rust Team Battle which was cut short. And, it always seems The Juicer finds himself in the middle of it.

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